Unicol Limited is a joint venture distillery project with equally distributed shares between Faran Sugar Mills, Mehran Sugar Mills and Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills. All three companies are listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange.

About Unicol

Unicol Limited, spans across 225 acres of land and has a designed capacity of 200,000 litres of Ethanol production per day. In addition to being the country’s largest ENA ethanol producer and a leading food grade CO2 supplier, the company is also part of the economic development. It provides employment in Pakistan’s rural areas and ensures compliance of all health, safety procedures and environmental laws.

Plant Facilites

From large capacity storage tanks to being the only distillery in the country that has a cogeneration power plant which can produce electricity at very economical rates, Unicol’s plant has a wide range of facilities to deliver bulk orders.


Quality Assurance

We produce premium quality carbondioxide 99.99% through sugar cane fermentation and supplying for different applications.

The quality commitment from Unicol management team is established by applying different global standards which include Integrated Management system (IMS), Quality Management System (QMS), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Product Safety, Environment health and safety (HSE). These standards are approved by SGS, BV and many other government and private authorities through stringent audits.

Board Members

Unicol’s top brass consists of Pakistan’s leading industrialists and corporate stalwarts. Each of these leaders represent their respective business groups of strong heritage. They bring with them extensive knowledge and experience which has been instrumental in Unicol’s steady growth.

Mr. Asif Qadir
Chairman & Independent Director
Mr. Aslam Faruque
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ahmed Ebrahim Hasham
Non- Executive Director
Mr. Ahmed Ali Mohammad Amin Bawany
Non- Executive Director
Mr. Tariq Faruque
Non- Executive Director
Mr. Mohammad Hussain Hasham
Non - Executive Director
Mr. Omar Amin Bawany
Non- Executive Director


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The badges are one of the few indicators which certify that we follow industry best practices to produce high quality products. The safety of the team is our top priority.