Unicol Limited produces premium grades of ENA (extra neutral alcohol) Ethanol


Ethanol is a valuable ingredient in the production of pharmaceuticals, air fresheners, cleaning products, perfumes, personal care products, cleaning products, printing ink, fabric softeners, vinegar & yeast, paints and preserving agents.

Unicol Limited, being the largest ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) producer of Pakistan, takes pride in the fact that its Ethanol reaches customers in more than 70 countries in Europe, Far East, Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.
The plant is designed by Maguin Interis in France, and has state-of-the-art technology. Quality is at the heart of everything we do from the point molasses is sourced, till it is converted into ethanol, to the point it reaches the customer. The backing of three sugar mills ensures consistency of production. The company’s investments in almost a dozen high-capacity storage tanks is proof of our commitment to quality.

This plant is designed by Magnuin Interis in France, state-of the art technology


Unicol produces Premium Extra Natural (ENA):

ENA anhydrous 99.9%

ENA > 96%

B Grade > 92%

Modes of Shipment:


ISO Containers

FCL Drums


Ethanol’s use in pharmaceutical and drug applications demand the highest degree of purity

Hand Sanitizer

Ethanol-based hand sanitizer works against a variety of microorganisms

Air Freshener (Aerosol)

Air fresheners that are used in homes, or commercial products contain Ethanol

Cleaning Products

Ethanol is also used to manufacture cleaning products.


Ethanol is used in perfumes precisely because it acts as a carrier for perfume compound but dissolves quickly on the skin

Personal Care Products

Our Ethanol meets mandatory quality standards and is used in personal care products

Paints And Varnish

Its easily soluble nature in water makes Ethanol an effective solvent in paints

Chemical Manufacturing

Ethanol is a raw material to manufacture different chemicals.